Board of Assessment Review  TBD for 2023.


Stephanie Holtz

Stephanie Holtz, Assessor
1000 Route 14A, Penn Yan, NY 14527
Phone: (315) 536-7551
Email: [email protected]

Hours:        Monday and Tuesday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am - Noon


ENHANCED STAR NOTICE FOR BENTON AND TORREY RESIDENTS: You may remember that the State of New York required all current Enhanced Star recipients re-apply for the 2019 Assessment roll and enroll in the IVP (income verification program). NYS is now in charge of this program and will check your eligibility and shar this information with the Town of Benton Assessor so our records can be updated. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN ENHANCED STAR RENEWAL FROM US THIS YEAR, or any year going forward.

We will take a one-time application and IVP form only for those who have or will turn 65 in the coming year to move them from basic star into the enhanced star program. You must provide proof of age and income, and have your application submitted to our office by March 1st.

We will mail to the low-income Seniors whose income is under $22,500 (the current level in our Town and County). This is the total income including Social Security. You will receive your paperwork on pink or gold paper. The deadline for aaany exemption application is March 1st (taxable status)

AG EXEMPTION: paperwork will be mailed the end of December. IMPORTANT!!! THERE WILL BE NO PHONE CALL REMINDERS!! Fill it out and get it back as soon as possible. ALL EXEMPTIONS NEED TO BE IN THIS OFFICE BY MARCH 1st.

  • You can download any assessment forms you may need from the NYS Office of Real Property Services site by clicking here.
  • You can find detailed information about the STAR Program by clicking here. To better understand your rights as a Real Property Taxpayer in New York State it might be helpful to visit the "Taxpayer Rights and Information" site by clicking here.
  • If you ever need assistance in any phase of the real property tax process, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

For details regarding our Town of Benton's ongoing assessment processes, please click here and browse the NYS Office of Real Property Services website for the latest information.