Supervisor and Town Board


John E. Prendergast, Town Supervisor

1000 Route 14A, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Phone: 315-536-7236

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Town Board Members:

Alan Tomion 585-526-5852

Glen Quackenbush 585-526-4465

Richard Harper  315-694-1425

Tom Davie  585-526-4426

Supervisor’s View - John E. Prendergast, Town Supervisor

Many times I am asked what the town board is responsible for, and what it is trying to accomplish for the residents in the town of Benton. The basic responsibility of the town board is to budget, manage, allocate and approve expenditures of tax dollars collected, in order to provide feasible services to our residents.

The town board is an elected legislative body, given the responsibility for making present-day decisions. Only in special instances is a vote of the inhabitants of the town required. When a town board member votes on a proposal, he or she should be deciding through that vote the views which best represent all of the residents of the town. It requires that they exercise careful consideration in making important decisions which will affect the lives of our residents and businesses.

The town board as a group is the executive head of the town. They may enact local laws regarding subjects within the realm of property, and affairs and government of the town. Our current board is a firm believer in Municipal Home Rule Law.

As Supervisor, I feel that we have very competent and knowledgeable people representing us in the departments of our town. We are always willing to listen to the concerns of our residents, and hopefully to be able to resolve them if possible. Your Supervisor and town board members’ goal is to keep the Town of Benton a great place to live and work.

John E. Prendergast


phone: (315) 536-7236